Monday, May 11, 2009

Second class and other news....

I had my second meetup class. The theme was Mother's Day and birthday cards. Only 1 person came to this class ;( but the next day Sunday another member fo the group stopped by with her adorable son Charlie (he's 7) and a budding artist already. Here are some of the pics from that event.

Charlie and his "tattoos"


Zazil said...

mira que teacher la amiwochi..
lov uuuu

NYC Cake Decorators said...

Hello Rosie:

You are very good at crafting. Have you ever used stamps on gumpaste? Do you know how to teach stamping a design on gumpaste or fondant with edible food colors? If you do and are interested in collaborating with NYC Cake Decorators on a class or demo concept, please email me at

Sweet Regards,

NYC Cake Decorators Meetup