Friday, January 9, 2009

2 cards and 1 LO!!

Soo, I surprised even myself. It's only January 9th and I've already completed 1 LO (for the challenge) and 2 cards.

The LO's pic will be coming shortly.

The pics are not the best since I had to take them from my cell phone.

1 is for a couple at my church who just had a baby boy named Max. (for those of you with Cricuts, this is the project card on the graphically Speaking cart. I love it!!)

This other card is for one of the choir members who lost her dad this week. I based it on a card I made at one of Heidi's classes.


Sonia said...

Hi Rosie
Beautiful work!!!
Hugs, Sony

AxeS DeSignS said...

Hola.. te deje una sorpresa en mi blog ya la viste?