Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year- New ME!!!

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope that 2009 will treat everyone kindly. I know I am glad that 2008 is gone. Other things that are gone are my 401K account, but we'll leave that for another day. hahaha

So as with any new year, the resolutions are coming up. Mine are pretty simple: Eat better, exercise more and scrap a whole lot more. Here's to new resolutions, new beginnings, new years, new hopes and dreams. And here's to working hard to making those dreams and hopes a reality.

Thanks for visiting my new crafty blog. Thsi will be dedicated to just plain and simple scrapping/crafting things. That also includes my renewed obsession with baking cookies and cupcakes (Hmm, maybe that won't go too well with my new resolutions). Enjoy your stay and please, remember if you see a creation I "scraplifted" from you and I don't give you credit- call me on it people. I promise I'm not trying to steal from you.


AxeS DeSignS said...

Hey! te encontre... en ingles? oh well... I like your blogggggggggg!!! ouch! hehehee.. You need to give me a surprise because I'm the #1 to give you a comment ;)

Hey ve y checa mi blog no seas malita inscribete tambien jajaja asi yo me inscribo al tuyo y tu al mio a ver si un dia llegamos como las demas a 10,000 seguidores jajajaja...

My Mom's Crafts said...

Me encanta tu sence of hummor!!!! aver cuando me mandas un little cupcake..I'll be your quality control inspector ha,ha!

hugs friend, kisses to Sophie!